First Working for Families payments for the new tax year

On Tuesday 7 April Inland Revenue’s Working for Families customers receive their first payment for the new tax year and for some the amount they get may be different.

The amount may have changed from what they received last month, based on what their circumstances are expected to be for the year ahead.

Each of the WfF customers received a Notice of Entitlement in February either via e-mail or through the post.  A copy of that is on their myIR account and will show the details of what they will get and what it is based on.

Because the next weekly payment is due while IR’s systems are shut down for the next stage of transformation, there is also an early payment for WfF customers.

The early payment will go out this Thursday (09 April) and replaces the payment they would have normally received on the Tuesday after Easter (14 April).

COVID-19 support will continue throughout the weeklong shutdown which starts at 3pm on Thursday. IR will continue to support the Ministry of Social Development in approving wage subsidy applications, and it will continue to make all expected payments.

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