Weekly Digest – 30 September 2021

45 New COVID-19 Cases a Week After Alert Level Downgrade

The government has recorded 45 new community cases of COVID-19, and all new cases were from Auckland.  Everyone in Auckland is urged to stay within their bubbles and wear face masks.

Auckland was nearing the end of its first week under its downgraded level 3 restrictions, which were set to be reviewed on 4 October.

New Law to Cool Down Housing Market

The government introduced new rules designed to make property speculation less appealing and to improve record-low housing affordability.  The new law will limit property investors from deducting mortgage interest from their taxable incomes.

It will be implemented from 1 October and will be the first of a series of real estate measures to be introduced to cool the country’s red-hot housing market.

New Zealand to Begin Letting People Isolate at Home

The government will allow small numbers of vaccinated travellers to isolate at home instead of in state-run quarantine facilities as part of a phased approach to re-opening its borders.

The pilot project that will start in October will be open to 150 people who must be fully vaccinated NZ citizens or residents.  The participants will be charged a $1,000 fee and expressions of interest for the trial will open at 9am on Thursday.

Five Strategies to Gain Market Share

New businesses may find it extremely challenging to increase their market share.  The success of your efforts depends on your decisions and other factors that vary from one industry to another.  However, this Forbes article shares five strategies that will help you gain a bigger market share no matter what sector you’re in:

  • Define your brand.  Create a recognizable brand identity to distinguish your company from others.
  • Study the competition.  Dissect the market you’re about to enter and own up to determining what your direct competitors do better that you currently do.
  • Target your market.  Dive deeper into defining your existing and ideal customers so you can market your business more effectively.
  • Be innovative, yet flexible.  Find the right balance between sticking with what makes your services unique, while still being willing to adapt to necessary changes.
  • Connect with your customers.  Directly engage with your customers to acquire feedback and assess their needs.

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