Why Systemise Your Business?

If you systemise your business you are much more likely to get better results than if you left it to chance.

Systemisation doesn’t mean just having procedures and being organised, it means establishing efficient systems or tested methods that deliver positive results when followed consistently.

Establishing good systems may require trial and error unless an already tried and true system is adopted but don’t let trials deter you.

In some businesses, systemisation may also incorporate best practice to deliver not just good results but great results for customers and the business owner alike.

Systemisation delivers all round benefits to a business by way of efficiencies, improvements in sales, profits and cashflow, so why would you not systemise? All businesses, regardless of their size or whether they sell products or services, will benefit from systemisation.

Useful Hints
• Systemise vertically down and horizontally across your business with a focus on improvements in process and procedures.

• Systemise the components of a job or process i.e. priortise the tasks within a job or process to gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

• Ensure your systems are used consistently, all of the time and not just some of the time, by all users.

• Ensure all staff are trained and understand how to use the systems the way they have been established to work best. Be open to suggestions for improvements.

• Review and update your systems regularly so they remain effective and continue to deliver great results despite there being internal or external changes to the business.

• Systems applied correctly will deliver product and service quality consistently to meet customer expectations, similar to the McDonald’s global business model.

• Business systemisation is not automation so ensure it gets human input and quality control.

If you don’t systemise your business you’re leaving things to chance. Did you go into business in the hope that chance will deliver a good profit and return to you on your investment?

When you eventually decide to sell or exit your business, would it not have a greater value if there was systemisation in the business to delivery profits consistently to the new owners or successor?

Next Step
Systemise your business. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will achieve efficiencies and consistently better results.

If your business is already well systemised, ensure you have procedures to review, update and if necessary, improve your systems. This is because nothing stands still in business – there is always change.

If you need assistance with systemising your business, we can provide the necessary professional advice and expertise.