Our services — it’s about you


The services we provide are determined by client needs and priorities – this is where it all starts. We put a lot of importance on this so we invest our time with you to clearly define and understand what these goals are.

Because every client has different needs and priorities we assist clients to identify the results they can realistically achieve and the services that are required to achieve them. We have developed a wide range of services that clients can choose from, from standard compliance services to more customised value-added services.

Even with compliance services we offer a range of packages that meets different client needs and budgets. In this way each client gets special attention and the services we deliver will assist them to achieve the results they seek. We avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service as this equates to clients not getting the service and value that’s appropriate to their circumstances and needs.

We provide services based on our depth of knowledge, broad experience and areas of competence and we draw on our internally developed resources and modern systems to support and advance our clients best interest.

We welcome business challenges and the results we have achieved for clients continues to gives us confidence and strength that seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome to deliver benefits. Experience has proven to us that there can be opportunities that come with challenges so we embrace both to achieve a double win for clients. We are proud to have achieved some exceptional results for clients by overcoming both business and tax challenges through our commitment to service excellence, best practice and our genuine desire to help.

Focus on Quality

We focus on quality and not on quantity. Quantity dilutes quality and this is not beneficial to clients. This means that we balance the number of clients we serve with the need to maintain a high standard of service. Experience has shown that attention to quality delivers much better results and value and this is what clients have come to expect from us.

It’s about you!

Our services are provided in a format that offers client choice. Offering choice recognises client uniqueness and different needs. Clients can choose the services they require and afford.

Clients can also upgrade services at short notice to obtain even greater benefits. We offer this because businesses, by their very nature, require flexibility to meet changes, challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive world.

Client personal needs change too so we offer a choice of complementary services that accommodates this. We explore opportunities to harmonise personal needs with business needs wherever possible to deliver greater benefits to clients.

Some clients also have a family trust to protect their assets and attend to matters of family welfare. For these clients we also serve their trust to maximise financial benefits and security for themselves and their family.


Technology — keeping you ahead

Information technology, particularly online technology, continues to drive business efficiency and results in today’s competitive world. It can also create business opportunities. For the benefit of our clients we continue to harness the benefit that modern technology brings. This allows us to be both flexible and efficient in our service delivery and also to bring the benefits of technology into our client’s business. Regardless of which industry you operate in we can show you how technology can benefit you and your business.


Fees – value for you

Our fees are based on the value of services we provide and not on time. Time-based fees can result in unfairness to either party and may not deliver service quality or value to clients. With value-based fees clients get much better value, certainty and results. It’s not unusual for the value of the benefit to exceed the cost many times over so the investment is well worthwhile.

Fixed fees are agreed to upfront and before services commence, likewise, when additional services are required. This way, there are no surprise bills and monthly instalments offered also makes payment much easier on the client’s cash flow.

When we offer services we involve clients in the process of service selection and fees so it’s totally transparent. We do this with you on our customised software.


Transferring to us – anytime at no cost

There is no cost to transfer to us and it can be done at any time. It does NOT have to be after the end of a financial year as we only need your data and it’s usually online or in some electronic format. We have all the experience to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible for you and without interruption to your business. We follow professional procedures. Feel free to discuss transferring to us without obligation.