Advisory and accounting for trades people

When running a trades business it’s important to have a reliable, trustworthy and qualified business advisor on your side.

That’s where Young & Associates can help.

We understand that running trades business is a challenge. Cashflow, tax, paperwork..we know they probably make you squirm.

If, like many other trades businesses, your cashflow fluctuates or gets tight, we can help you out as well. Our team will review your job scheduling and cash management system to help you get back on track with your cashflow.

We understand what you’re going through

The Young & Associates team have years of experience working with trades business owners to help them improve their businesses. Along the way we’ve developed a detailed understanding of the challenges of running a trades business, no matter whether you’re a mechanic, panel beater, builder, plumber, electrician or other trades person.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we, quite literally, can take away their stress. Our team are experts in business technology so we can remove those frustrating piles of paperwork you’re trying to organise. We understand that you often have to wait some time to receive payment in the construction game. We have advice and suggestions on how to improve your cashflow and get paid faster. Young & Associates are also business tax experts. We understand PAYE, GST, FBT, RWT, Entertainment Tax, Provisional Tax and all taxes that affect trades businesses. Tax payments are important in your business and cashflow but they typically make business owners yawn. Our experienced tax advisors can help you save tax and remain compliant. So as well as helping you avoid stress, we’ll also work hard to save you time and money. We’ll deliver detailed and accurate advice that helps you improve your cashflow position and grow and enjoy running your business.

Some of the ways we can help

If you’re struggling with static or seasonal sales Young & Associates can help you with business and job planning.

Are you making a profit but don’t have cash? We’ll show you where the cash is and deliver advice specific to your business.

Do you find job pricing difficult to get right? We’ll sit down with you to develop new pricing methods that replace the old cost-plus method and differentiate you from your competitors.

Debtor management isn’t easy, especially in the construction game. Often you’re waiting months before receiving payment from your customers. This can create a lot of business problems as a result. In order to overcome this, we’ll work with you to review your terms of trade and payment methods. After this, we’ll implement solutions to help you get paid faster.

Tax challenges impact many trades businesses. If you’re struggling as well, we can implement a proactive tax minimisation plan. This involves tax planning and alternative payment options and a resulting “no surprise” tax solution. We can even arrange to finance your tax with more flexible options than IRD’s instalment arrangements. This will help to improve your working capital for normal business operations.

If your business profits and return on investments are poor, Young & Associates will conduct a full review of your sales, pricing, costing and job activity. From there, we’ll develop a plan that enables your business to improve.

Working capital is needed for your day-to-day business operations. We can help you review net cashflow patterns and the adequacy of bank overdrafts and loans or alternative financing so you’re in the best position possible.

Our team are also experts at building and growing trades businesses. If you want to grow and build value in your business, we’ll conduct business and performance planning, action plans and monitoring. This means we’ll work out what your goals are and implement a plan that makes sure you reach them.

Ahh…paperwork…that dreaded word! If you’ve got front desk, administration or systems inefficiencies we can help you there as well. Young & Associates will assess the current systems and job management processes you have in place and recommend improvements.

Technology is great, but it can be overwhelming for trade businesses. Which app do you need? What accounting software is best? Our team are experts and can advise you on the best technology systems for your needs.

Our pricing

At Young & Associates, we have a no surprises billing policy. This means you’ll always receive fixed and transparent pricing options. Our fixed fees are agreed upfront and are available on most services. This enables you to avoid surprise bills and allows you to budget effectively. You can spread the fixed fees over small monthly instalments as you trade making it easy on your cashflow. Our valuable ad hoc advice is free of charge. If, however, an assignment arises out of ad hoc advice or discussions then we will agree an upfront fixed fee with you before proceeding with the work.

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Your free business toolkit

We’ve put together a free business toolkit for tradespeople:

Download Trades Business Kit

The kit includes:

  • Guide on how to price your services to make more profit
  • Guide on how to manage cash flow better
  • Profit increase calculator
  • Break even calculator
  • Labour charge out calculator
  • Service pricing calculator
  • Monthly cash flow planning tool

And if you’d like specific advice for your business, please get in touch.