Weekly Digest – 30 August 2023

Welcome to our Weekly Digest – stay in the know with some recent news updates relevant to business and the economy.

A turning point for the economy is coming, predicts ASB

Tough times are still ahead for New Zealanders this year, but there are indications that a turning point for the economy may be near, ASB says.

Shrunken’ WorkSafe making broad cuts to services

WorkSafe, under fire already for not doing enough to enforce workplace safety, is cutting back on what it does to save money. Its chief executive met with senior staff last week to discuss ways to manage its costs.

Tough times brewing for the craft beer industry

The craft beer industry has boomed over the last decade, but the pressure’s coming on many breweries as the cost of living crisis starts to bite.  What’s next for our small brewers?

China’s economic slowdown could put added pressure on New Zealand’s regional economies

New Zealand could sink further into recession as Chinese consumers stop spending due to a slump in the nation’s critical property sector. The only silver lining is this could cool inflation faster and prompt the Reserve Bank to bring forward interest rate cuts to offset any serious economic decline.

What the rise of the gig economy means for New Zealand

The gig is up – the growing reliance of the labour market on temporary and part-time positions has been aided by technology, but what does it mean for future economic resilience?

The last NZ company weaving our wool

It’s tough out there for many people working in the wool industry. The Detail visits the last commercial wool weaver in the country to find out how they’re keeping their business going in an ever-changing landscape for textile production.

A robust entrepreneurship education framework would be an investment in our nation’s future

Entrepreneurship is pivotal to addressing Aotearoa’s biggest challenges including lagging productivity, social inequality, healthcare and climate change, say Darsel Keane, Rod McNaughton and Will Charles.

Setting a standard: How our beef and lamb footprint measures up against the world

New research has found that the carbon footprint of Aotearoa-produced beef and lamb is among the lowest in the world. We took a deeper look at what the report says, and why it matters.

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